What does Easy Coat Ltd tile renovation and coating service involve?

What does Easy Coat Ltd tile renovation and coating service involve?

At Easy Coat, we specialise in a range of roofing services, including a tiled roof renovation and coating service using specialist coating products. A common question from homeowners looking to use our services is what exactly we do on their roof’s to make their tiles look new again. This article answers this question and addresses the steps involved in restoring a tired looking roof to a brighter and stronger roof. For your peace of mind we not only offer our company guarantee, but you have the added benefit of an independent insurance guarantee too.

Roof Preparation Stage

Each project begins with roof and area preparation by erecting scaffolding, removing guttering, covering flower beds with tarpaulin and providing plastic buckets for all the rubbish that will come off your roof.

Roof tile cleaning

Once the preparations are in place, the next step is to carefully clean your roof tiles. Cleaning is necessary to identify broken and fractured tiles which may be covered in moss. High pressure water jets are used to clean the tiles and unclog the water channels which help with drainage. We will replace any broken tiles as part of the job. After cleaning all the debris is carried away and fascia cleaned.

Antifungal Cleaning & Tile Replacement

After the tiles are cleaned, we apply an antifungal solution to clean and kill off moss spores. This prevents future moss growth and eliminates any spores deep within the tile crevices. Any broken or fractured tiles are replaced to ensure the roof surface is sound.

Roof Inspection and repairs

Once loose and broken tiles are repaired, we can then conduct a detailed roof inspection to ensure the roof structure is solid. This includes inspecting the condition of the eaves, ridges, hips, verges and other components of the roof structure. If we identify major repair work, we will provide a fixed quote to carry out the work. If the structure of the roof is sound, we can move on to apply the coating.

Roof coating application

Finally, after allowing for any repairs to set, we apply the advanced coating product on a nice dry day. The coating solution is applied in two coats and sprayed horizontally and vertically to ensure every inch of the roof surface is covered. We will allow the first coat to dry before applying the second and final coat. This may be within a few hours or longer, depending on the weather.

Once the roof coating application is complete, your roof tiles are now protected against the effects of the elements and good to protect your home for years to come. Please visit http://www.easycoatltd.co.uk/ for more information.