Susan Malahleka: Embracing Life Coaching That Creates Change

Susan Malahleka‘s life reads as a prime example of how determination, focus, and passion can help overcome long odds and help a person succeed and thrive no matter what challenges appear to be in their way at the time. Her story of becoming a successful and dedicated personal development coach starts with leaving home at the young age of 15 and keeping a strong focus on helping others in the years and decades to follow.

A Brief History knew she wanted to be involved with helping others from the very beginning of her professional career, one that would end up spanning across the globe in places like Yorkshire, Scotland, London, and even parts of Africa.

While her early focus was on children’s services and providing better management of organizations designed to provide critical services for children in need. Seeing the importance of solid leadership and how the right management could make all the difference, the seeds of life coaching and personal development were planted and started to bloom.

Finding Fulfillment In Empowering Others
Susan understands how difficult that transition can be from working on the ground floor to effectively taking a management role. A large portion of her practice focuses on helping individuals making this upward transition, as well as helping individuals who may face special challenges in the management arena.

Helping executives break through plateaus they run into, or supervisors break through traditional glass ceilings in their industry, is another major focus of the personal development and business coaching offered. As a woman, a minority, and as someone who started out life in college and the working world as a minor, Susan is in a unique position to understand and empathize with the additional challenges many people face in their careers and helping them to move past those obstacles.

Dedicated To Important Work embraces her work as a life coach because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client make a powerful personal breakthrough. Whether shifting from private sector work to finding their niche in a public sector job, looking to create the best results ever, or power through a seeming glass ceiling, Malahleka is passionate about seeing clients achieve better results.

That is the motivation that keeps her dedicated to coaching and helping others with their business improvement and self improvement goals over going back into the public or private sectors.