Information on Irvine Sellar

Professional. Courteous. Colorful. These are adjectives used to describe Irvine Sellar. With years of experience in the world of property management and investment, Irvine Sellar has amassed a significant amount of experience. The founder of Sellar Property Group alongside James Sellar, he has developed a foundation built on the principles learned over the course of his time in the industry. He is a well-respected figure and one which continues to push the boundaries of maximizing potential and showcasing financial prowess on a regular basis.

40 Years Of Experience

His experience as a professional began as a simple market trader with a zest for life. It progressed into his persistence within the fashion industry heading a leading retailer. The journey did not stop there as he was always passionate to progress and carry out seeing results eg .

This is what led him to establish Sellar Property Group and heading it.

With over 40+ years of experience in the world of business and 24+ years of experience in property services, he is truly the best of the best when it comes to maximizing financial value.

Proven Drive

What separates him from the rest of the industry? Why has he been able to gain such traction and continue to see success while others have not? It all comes down to his mindset and approach to the industry and what it takes to push forward. He has been noted as an individual who does not give up and it is has resulted in significant growth across all investments made under his name.

Irvine Sellar is an individual who continues to grow leaps and bounds with his experience and know-how. Having accumulated 40+ years of knowledge, he is a professional with the ability to change how things are done. It is this persistence which has led to success.