OneE Group Advantage

There are many reasons to join and benefit from the . The OneE group provides all of their introducers with a dedicated business development manager who is there to help you with the following. The business development manager will allow you to give important tax advice to all of your clients. This will be done in a way that you will not have to invest any significant chargeable time when you are performing this work, either in-house or outsource.

The primary focus will be on tax advice and not on corporate finance work, tax compliance work, audits, or legal advice. It will however provide your practice with the up-to-date expertise that is needed to locally tender for future tax work. This will create an excellent avenue for revenue generation.

You will be able to receive this support on demand by means of telephone support, online support or through face-to-face meetings. It will all be done at your own convenience and you will decide which way to do it. There are many important benefits that the introducer program provides.

It provides access to a library of marketing tools called the Al Zone. It allows you to communicate with a dedicated account manager. You will receive generous referral fees. Your clients will be offered an enhanced tax advice service. There will be free technical training days and an approachable technical support team to communicate with. has a vision to provide responsible tax planning by educating and allowing their network of introducers to take care of their client’s goals and objectives. The heart of this company is founded in the areas of integrity, expertise, on demand, and innovation.

You owe it to yourself and to your practice to utilize these four areas that will provide you with the tools you need. has an established team of experts from a diverse range of professional backgrounds to help you succeed.